Want makeup feminine? Then buy a brick red lipstick

Red bean paste color is red, the color is the sister paper aunt who ran every day, chasing a hot color, in fact, there are brick red lipstick red line, you have not heard? Brick red color in favor of his aunt, but it is kind of dull colors less aunt, a little more brightness, the whole people of color up ~ want makeup feminine, mature occasion they want to reveal a little sexy, selected branch brick red lipstick Weng!
From time to listen painted brick red lipstick is an enlarged trick, oh look after those silly sweet white blackening are painted brick red lipstick played, everyone hard pressed high cold mature lip color is actually a lot of sister paper they want brick red friends ~ want high cold feminine, makeup bag have not bought a brick-red lipstick that may be how the line?
MAC Aramis fashion lipstick #Chili
Price: RMB170 / 3g
Recommended reason: this lipstick is simply bound explode Beauty okay? Then all-powerful, all domestic stock. Chili brick red, rust, also known as red, ultra-white, was color! Tu deep feeling very gas field, a pale orange painted bias. Show wisdom, peppers with color models, super hot. But the thing is to do a good job moisturizing Oh MAC home before coating matte lipstick ~
Thesaem get fresh pressed matte lipstick M06
Price: $75 / 4g
Recommended reason: M06 is definitely a wild color, whether you are a student or a housewife or a white-collar workers, you have become coated with M06 gas field queen! This lipstick on, a lot of sister paper with the response is, “cried the United States” in Korea this lipstick is too fire, the stock has been in Korea, such as high cost, color lipstick is so tired of the United States does not many. Ultra-white gas field, also can easily create a variety of lip.
Want makeup feminine? Then buy branch brick red lipstick
Tonymolykiss matte lipstick RD03
Price: $25 / 3.4g
Recommended reason: TONYMOLY The RD03 is a large number of hot red mouth, known MACCHILI affordable alternative color, the color performance is 95% similar to the matte texture matte mouth is, on the whole slightly less shallow than one port MAC color, almost exactly the same, but also to run a little RD03. Color is more mature, are temperament color than is red, brick red to compare daily.
Hot brand brick red lipstick very excited is not it? Want to look deeper, to continue to look at this again lipstick color!
Brick red lipstick contrast Mac Home and tony home, if not really speak OCD really can not see. Shallow painted to hand smudged word is secretly feeling brick red brick red lipstick – though was white, but different colors out of the effect is certainly different Oh ~
Bbia velvet matte lipstick # 09
Price: $15 / 3.2g
Recommended reason: No. 5 and No. 9 color similar color was dancing, but on the 5th color is the aunt color, color is green tube 9 Oh, do not buy too! BBIA simply fighter! This feeling is cheap lipstick red brick texture in the best, although the color is reddish brown, but particularly gas field ah, thin coating thickness of coating are nice mess ~
MISSHA mystery still silver matte lipstick tube MRD02
Price: $15 / 4.1g
Recommended reason: mrd02 addition to silver tubes, as well as a high color value Color same linefriend version, president of the Association can purchase their own appearance. This lipstick is not matte texture, the color is not quite retro matter, there is a little bit like – but brilliant high gloss hanzhuang sister should feel good to see ~

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