The correct way to apply liquid foundation

Also a liquid foundation, why others natural looking finish perfectly clear, you are on a thick layer of special awkward situation? You really do coating liquid foundation?
In fact, using different makeup applicators, makeup produced will be different. Watching a professional makeup artist to use liquid foundation brush, sponge flutter, which in the end to create the perfect makeup What help? Now we will introduce how to choose a simple tool to help you create a enviable zero defects Body!
Coating liquid foundation tips
Basic smear method
1, no matter what you use props must not be too thick a coat. Remove a diameter of about 1cm liquid foundation jaws of death in the back position, with fingers on the face of its dispersed locations. 3:00 sideways on the forehead, cheeks each 3:00, 1:00 on the nose, jaw around 1 point each.
2, in order to protect the skin, we must be in accordance with the texture of the skin, from the inside out, from the wide portion to the narrow portion of the order will be applied.
Liquid foundation brush, liquid foundation sponge flutter, hands, how to choose their own makeup smudge tool?
Hiding: sponge flutter> hand> Brushes
Degree of moisture: Brushes> Hand> sponge flutter
Refreshing degree: sponge flutter> hand> Brushes
Uniformity: Brush> sponge flutter> hand
Gloss: Brushes> Hand> sponge flutter
The correct way to apply liquid foundation
Liquid Foundation Brush – for dry and flawless skin
Often we see professional makeup artist choose to use liquid foundation makeup brush to build, because liquid foundation liquid foundation brush can be thin, not cohesion, evenly applied to the face, refreshing feeling and a good projecting liquid foundation gloss. More suitable for dry and flawless skin, out of makeup give people a very bright feeling.
The correct way to apply liquid foundation
Advantages: Natural makeup
Disadvantages: weak cover
Makeup sponge flutter – for oily skin
Flutter sponge will absorb moisture liquid foundation, so there is no light dry characteristics, ability to cover pores, suitable for oily skin sister paper. For summer use, skin feels very refreshing.
Advantages: hiding power, fresh look
Disadvantages: moisture decreased
Hand – for horny dehydrated dry skin
Because it is convenient and fast, most girls would choose to hand makeup. Because the hands of a temperature, the liquid foundation also easier to penetrate the skin of makeup out there is more shiny. Hand to create a crystal clear and smooth skin, comes shining through. Winter hand makeup, moist skin feeling lasts longer period of time.
Advantages: moist and shiny, durable
Disadvantages: easy to spread evenly

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