Teach you to identify what color your skin is the most suitable makeup

Refined enough makeup, looking finish is very important. But everyone’s skin is different, and some people yellowish skin, sensitive muscle man reddish cheeks, and some people face is pale and bloody nothing …… so in order to customize a perfect makeup base, first you have to choose the right makeup colors.

Find your own perfect match makeup
Purple – for yellowish skin
Purple contrasting colors are yellow, have a good soft effect. It can make the skin healthy and bright presentation, rosy color. Suitable for general skin, dull yellowish skin.
Green – for reddish skin
Green Cream or makeup air, can reduce the redness of the face. Make skin whitening effect, can effectively reduce the traces of smallpox in India.
White – for dull skin
White is designed for dark, dull, uneven pigmentation and design. It increases the transparency of the skin, so skin immediately looks clean and shiny.
Teach you to identify what color your skin is the most suitable makeup
Blue – for pale skin
Can enhance skin clarity, it will not be bloodless pallor. It is suitable for skin lacking moisture and ruddy complexion of the people.
Pink – for wheat skin color
If you want to have a healthy chocolate color skin, then the partial powder makeup can make skin shining brilliantly, full of vitality. For darker skin color or the pursuit of wheat colored people of healthy skin.
Natural color – suitable for general skin
Natural color makeup palette functions in general, but the effect of moisture effects are very good concealer. Suitable skin blemishes or need repair capacity of the people.
Heart water recommended
Shiseido Shiseido maquillage Refreshing Body makeup before the milk
Price: $ 80 / 30ml
13 hours continuous makeup technology “moisturizing ingredients + time control oil + oil control powder”, using grease helps foundation bonding capability to produce a soft pink makeup, prevent skin wrinkles fade phenomenon or texture.
CPB skin of the key light liquid foundation forging SPF25PA ++
Price: $ 180 / 30ml
The all-new foundation gives skin a bright layered, irresistible. Like a liquid-like luster, unprecedented perfect makeup.

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