Teach you step painting of great charm makeup eyeliner

Although the spring and early summer time when the sun is shining, but with the major brand fall and winter merchandise listed heading of fashion girls, from makeup to begin to grasp the autumn and winter make-up trend! When it comes to makeup will have to talk Eyeliner painting step map, with the view of it.
Curl stud clear mascara
教你魅力大眼妆 眼线液的画法步骤
Thick slim eyelashes make your eyes sparkle ,, in addition to paste false eyelashes addition, you can also use different effects mascara want to create a more natural curly eyelashes.
With eyelash curler after a natural curl effect with slim mascara eyelash comb will open.
Teach you step painting of great charm makeup eyeliner
Painted on a layer of dense effect mascara eyelash grafting fibers then quickly brush the eyelashes, and finally with slim effect mascara sparse open, so grafted fibers are more docile on the eyelashes.
Light-colored natural red lips, big eyes and highlights
First with the backing lip balm, moisturizing lip skin, and then adjust the original dilute lip color lip concealer.
Light-colored lipstick with a lip brush picks have applied to the central lips, finally superimposed a transparent lip gloss increases gloss.

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