Super good eyebrow pencil collecting

Say you want a good makeup, first draw a good eyebrow, a good makeup for the whole eyebrow is too important, Xiao Bian identified a number of super nice pencil recommended for everyone, thrush is simple to use a lot of friends.
Recommended daily makeup eyebrow pencil needed
Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil machete shape
Price: 169 yuan
Recommended reason:
Shu Uemura machete eyebrow pencil fighter is simulated machete stroke type, also comes with a pencil, we facilitate simple and rapid machete cut out shape, color is very natural, and good durability, and easy to remove, can create a root of the natural three-dimensional eyebrow, although the price a little expensive, but with great effect.
Kelai Ou liquid eyebrow pencil
Price: $20
Recommended reason:
Kelai Ou liquid eyebrow pencil is a tattoo, dyeing, modified triple eyebrow single product, add liquid eyebrow pencil eyebrow dyeing cream design is easy to use, oh, can easily draw a clean and smooth natural brow, unfinished after the eyebrows, you can use the other end dye paste eyebrow eyebrow makeup reinforced durability, add luster in everyday makeup, even hand residual party can hold live.
Chaohaoyong collecting eyebrow pencil
Innisfree Eyebrow
Price: $8
Recommended reason:
Innisfree vitality automatic eyebrow pencil popularity in Korea is very high, refill the texture is very good, and easy to break, easy to depict want eyebrow, let eyebrow showing a natural sense, in everyday makeup very suitable oh.
Shiseido Hexagon eyebrow pencil
Price: $5
Recommended reason:
Shiseido hexagonal pencil designed specifically for Asian women, strokes, very smooth and delicate, not to hurt the skin painting, coloring easier, gives long-lasting, easily able to draw out the natural flow of the eyebrow, oh.

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