Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup beauty help you transform

I often see some do not make no eyebrows sister paper the way, to be honest was a little scary. . . No eyebrows really is a very terrible thing, no eyebrows long road know it! Is very ugly personality, and the people look listless net red ~ know why so they look good without makeup it? Is not very envious of them when the makeup eyebrows thick long eyelashes, lips still pink toot ~ What do you think they are born as, NO, in fact, they have done a lot of eyebrows and permanent makeup.
Munsu technology division: division munsu technology determines the fate of consumers eyebrows, eyebrows must be good munsu good teacher to do it, a good teacher Wenxiu need to have professional skills, but also have a good aesthetic, permanent artistic comprising: aesthetics, color science, image design, medicine, solid geometry, physiognomy, metaphysics, numerology, five elements of science, science and other facial features, an excellent Wenxiu division must be set to a knowledge of.
Quality pigment: Good eyebrows must use pure natural plant pigment, not a mineral pigment mineral pigment containing chemical composition, with the passage of the sun and ultraviolet irradiation time, the emergence of the phenomenon of red blue and it can not be absorbed and metabolized the skin, natural plant pigment color can naturally durable and safe and stimulating.
Arranged lines: Good eyebrows must make based on their own customers eyebrow growth direction of multi-level line, so that it is more and more natural three-dimensional, single-level and three-dimensional lines and no eyebrows, so it is not natural.
Eyebrow style: Wenxiu division must be based on the consumer’s face, age, temperament, skin condition, preferences designed to fit her eyebrow, do not blindly follow the trend, it is best studied professional image design Wenxiu division to design, only more effective, but also determines the different eyebrow ease of operation and process munsu operations, therefore the price of different eyebrow is not the same.
Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup beauty help you transform
半永久眉毛 帮你变身素颜美人
Korean word eyebrow specifically about:
Women in traditional brow slightly outward on LiuYeMei for the United States, but recently, the Korean pop “word eyebrows,” also known as “eyebrow faces of the children”, it refers to the Korean word eyebrow brow, and Mei Feng Mei Wei in the same line, Compare bushy eyebrows. Symmetrical, moderate density, beautiful shape, has a role in the overall coordination of facial and balanced. SNSD Hyoyeon once also suspected that the main reason for cosmetic surgery eyebrows, when compared to the business for the entire eyebrow there was a clear change in feel less of a strong woman. But from an aesthetic point of view, this is not consistent with eyebrow aesthetic standards of the Chinese people, it can only represent a popular, since it is popular, it is always a popular past time –
From the perspective of Chinese Aesthetics Analysis: Everyone’s face is different, the word eyebrow not suitable for all people, if you are a square face, designed to word eyebrow will face more short, a stiff! Because the word eyebrow, no eyebrow, linearly, not clever, if the close proximity between the facial features, eye pressure will be from the standpoint of Feng Shui will be fiscal pressure, it is home sector between facial features, where you property, real estate, distance between facial features the best two fingers width! If consumers have to do word eyebrow, then a good Wenxiu division based on facial features of consumers, the word eyebrow to make slight adjustments, such as the word eyebrow eyebrow slightly elevated design right for you belong to your word eyebrow!
We should be based on their age, face, temperament, preferences and other characteristics to design their own eyebrow, for example: a round face girls should match up type eyebrow, or slightly shorter type of thick arched eyebrow, a long face girls for a little flat, slightly curved eyebrow or eyebrow stubby type, temperament type sweet and gentle girl lady model girls in eyebrow design is different.
But now Wenxiu division always willing to do for the customer word eyebrow, it really just because it popular? In fact, not the case, the main reason is the Korean word eyebrow eyebrow is a relatively simple, not high-tech, simple operation, and many participated in a few days since munsu trained person can operate! As long as you can draw a straight line since the design of the word eyebrow! You Imagine, draw two straight easy, or draw two symmetrical curved eyebrows easy to do?
Like a lot of sister paper flew to Korea cosmetic tattoo, then Korea will certainly please the teacher? Wenxiu is actually made up of Ms. Hong Kong Cheng Ming Ming the first invention, her tattoos technologies to improve the lack of eyebrow, not of late through evolution, the formation of the modern techniques of permanent makeup. Some modern businesses in order to increase the gimmick, to raise its offer, so the crown to the Korean people, is called a monk chanting, while South Korea’s per capita income higher than that of 1.5%, if the South Korean master of the art of really high technology really well, he is also used in China? So their goal is not to come to China to better spread of technology, but to China misappropriating!
So Xiaobian that this kind of thing can not blindly follow the trend of the eyebrows. Find their own professional fly Wenxiu division is the most appropriate –

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