Restore the shiny skin of the skin, the stars of the original surgery have to rely on

Since ancient times, years have not let go. Whether it is Shenyu goose or closed moon shame flower face, and ultimately will be reduced by the years of the yellow face of the woman. The desire to live forever is never diminishing in our hearts. How many girls, have quietly pray, even if we finally match the time, then let the time go too slow, so that my youth can stay in the face of a long time.

I know that the beautiful face is the sister who dream of, but with age, the skin does not seem to call, wrinkles, stains, skin relaxation … … all the symptoms are gradually showing up.

A lot of people on the composition of some of the baby should have heard of EGF, the more research, will find the publicity seems to be virtual, controversial seems a lot, that in the end EGF for skin care is how the matter? Today we come and grasp it.

What is EGF?

EGF called the name of oligopeptide-1, is a cell activator, called “epidermal growth factor.” EGF is already present in the human body, but more or less the amount of different. The role of EGF is to stimulate the skin collagen and polysaccharide production, so that cells automatically repair, to reduce the pores smooth wrinkles, such as picking pox. In general, the more EGF, the stronger the ability to repair the skin, the skin will be more supple; children’s EGF than adults, usually children’s scars will be easier to heal than adults, and the mark will fade quickly.

Second, the effect of EGF on the skin

1, effective repair

The growth factor actively reacts with specific receptors on the cell membrane near the wound to activate the protease, accelerate protein synthesis, promote fibroblast growth, promote skin and mucosal wound healing, and sustain scarring and skin deformity hyperplasia Efficient repair of trauma. Used in skin tissue damage, remove acne, acne, to the mole after the small defects, skin peeling, redness and acid after the use of skin burns, grinding after the epidermal injury repair and so on Effect. EGF can promote epidermal cell proliferation and differentiation, so that the aging of the cells can be added in time to make the damaged skin can be immediately repaired, can be used for skin, fade red, telangiectasia and other adverse skin adjustment, improve skin thin, Rough, scar and other adverse conditions, so that the skin to restore smooth and smooth.

2, eliminate wrinkles

Promote fibroblasts, epidermal cell metabolism, proliferation and growth, promote the development of elastic fibroblasts and enhance its function, activate the regeneration of aging cells, accelerate cell metabolism and update, rapid metabolism of aging horny, repair broken superficial fibroblasts , Thus eliminating wrinkles. Through the EGF and other active factors to promote the proliferation of fibroblasts in the dermis, repair of aging collagen fibers and elastic fibers; more synthesis and secretion of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other macromolecules; improve skin microcirculation, provide a good nutritional environment , To maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, so that uniform compact, reduce wrinkles.

3, anti-aging

EGF can promote epidermal epithelial cells, keratinocytes, fibroblasts and other cells of the growth, division, speed up the metabolism, enhance its epidermal cell activity, so that cells maintain quality and quantity of the skin wrinkles disappear, showing tight Real, soft, smooth and resilient health beauty. To promote cell metabolism (anti – aging): EGF can promote cell proliferation and differentiation. EGF can make mature cells reverse the formation of “stem cell island”, while curb the expression of aging genes. EGF fundamentally changes the skin cell composition, reduce the average age of skin cells, make skin smooth and beautiful.

4, dilute the stain

The skin can be darker skin and all kinds of skin pigmentation, EGF can promote new cells to replace the aging cells to reduce the skin melanin and colored cells; and can increase skin blood flow, improve skin microcirculation, for epidermal cells Provide a good nutritional environment, to prevent the deposition of metabolites, effectively improve the skin color, so that the dark complexion and all kinds of pigmentation of the skin white perfect, even beautiful. On the dark skin and all kinds of skin pigmentation, to speed up cell proliferation, promote the distribution of subcutaneous capillary network, promote blood circulation, the skin melanin to speed up the discharge, effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, play whitening effect.

5, moisturizing water

Improve skin microcirculation (smooth), promote hyaluronic acid synthesis and secretion (moisture): EGF can promote extracellular hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein and other macromolecules synthesis and secretion, enhance skin hydrophilicity, keep skin moisture. EGF can improve skin microcirculation, so that blood is smooth, to prevent the deposition of metabolites, the skin rich in nutrition. Maintain the moisture inside the skin; skin to restore health, epidermal cuticle moisture retention capacity, so that the skin moisturizing and exuberant vitality. EGF can improve skin microcirculation, provide a good nutritional environment, maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, make it uniform and compact, reduce wrinkles.

Third, under what circumstances suitable for EGF?

1, sensitive skin: redness, itching, redness and so on

EGF freeze-dried powder red blood, repair skin cuticle, can strengthen the skin resistance, so sensitive no longer come.

2, microneedles, laser, skin and other cosmetic skin after surgery

EGF freeze-dried powder has a strong repair, used to do fine needle, laser, freckle skin and wrinkle and other beauty after surgery to strengthen the skin repair.

3, acne skin

During the treatment of acne, for the acne parts of the bactericidal anti-inflammatory, anti-infection and promote wound healing function, leaving no acne India and pigment, effectively shrink pores.

4, there are convex and scarred skin

For scarring skin, continuous 30 days of scars tend to flat, long-term use can make the skin back as ever.

5, ordinary skin

For ordinary skin care can promote skin cell regeneration, activation of aging cells, delay skin aging. In the wrinkle and skin care has a unique effect.

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