Refreshing sense of makeup is a popular Korean cosmetics teach you painting

Why makeup actress before the camera looks perfectly clear and bright, and no heavy mask feeling. Are they not make it? Obviously not, want of a thin transparent makeup is not that simple! Now please actress who perfectly clear to those looking finish line, looking finish perfectly clear measures immediately open for you!
One trick: change the makeup strength
1, liquid foundation placed in the back with a sponge puff picks up a few times on the makeup.
2 point shot, press substituted smear, a small contact area, force more evenly and avoid thick, uneven looking finish.

清透感淡妆正流行 韩妆画法教会你

Second trick: time to grasp the difference between the makeup
1, choose low stiffness, low-molecular care lotion smear the whole face.
2, before the skin care products is not fully absorbed (after approximately smear 15s), is easier on the makeup, makeup base the amount is less.
Refreshing sense of makeup is a popular Korean cosmetics teach you painting
Three tricks: change the makeup direction
1, a puff fold corner, picks up trace foundation.
2, starting from the outer face of the protruding cheekbones, from outside to inside evenly on the makeup, makeup to create a sense of light.
Trick 4: change the makeup tools
1, take the right amount of powder into the palm, rub gently with a finger temperature open.
2 fingers gently swept the T-zone position, now and nose position switch point pressure tactics.

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