Mystery still try the new gel eyeliner color

Mystery still the recent launch of the new gel eyeliner, although the country has not officially listed, but foreign bloggers have been the first test of this color eyeliner, let’s look at how this eyeliner like it!
Mystery still like how the gel eyeliner
To show you today is a mystery still new gel eyeliner, a pouring spout is tubular type palette, unique and wonderful product. Colors are basic colors black, brown and delicate, and also looks very atmosphere of the red wine. The tubular-type gel eyeliner eyeliner brush and is together with a suit, neither need to buy a separate eyeliner brush, as this has a different, really super easy.
General eyeliner brush very strange not cover, so brush on makeup bag to carry a long time will be damaged, but the lid so do not worry about it.
Pour spout design
The biggest feature is the palette of this type pour spout, as if the tubular inlet section of the palette. At this part of the adjustment amount of gel eyeliner, it does not bother to use the squeeze on the back of the hand.
Mystery still try the new gel eyeliner color
Simply pour spout slightly curved arc, you can easily adjust the volume, it is very convenient, eyeliner brush also did not condensation, very good. After using to wipe down the export clean eyeliner brush clean wipes, next time will be more convenient.
Mystery still test color gel eyeliner
They are black, brown, red wine, the first two are more familiar eyeliner, but red wine is the most beautiful. This color is not so red, so we do not have the burden, but there is a subtle sense of the kind of speechless.
Try wipes the painting line are erased, but still remains intact, with no blooming, the choice of eyeliner product, we will try not to choose blooming products, this is very appropriate oh.
The first is black, it is a conventional color, color is very positive.
Brown will be used more color, and black comparison, there is no obvious sense of protruding, but give the impression that the more soft and delicate impression.
The last display is a red wine you, from a distance would be like a dark brown, but will find that after close to a little red, super nice.
After five hours of makeup, eyeliner smudges no fade, even usually have that kind of scab off did not occur. Originally because the weather gets hot after blooming eyeliner will suck the problem is, but this is a super waterproof, so no longer have to worry about.

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