Lip balm can makeup remover we do not know the coup

Cleansing skin care is very important step, selection of a suitable makeup products will not only be able to make cleaning more effective, but also good for the skin. In addition to using conventional makeup products, a number of skin care products can also become magical gentle but powerful remover products.
Moderate strength Remover Coup 1: Remove the lip balm pearl sequins
Some lip gloss and eye shadow with pearl and sequins can make eyes more sparkle lips moving, but when the remover to firmly stick to the skin on the pearl and sequins always annoying. Can not force pulling the delicate lip skin eyes, time and time again with dip a cotton pad remover products are unloaded unloading is not clean.
The basic components of Vaseline lip balm and wax can not be separated, they viscous oily texture, it is easy to stick from sequins, mild stimulation for eyes and lips very fragile skin. Just take a cotton swab moistened with lip balm, then gently wipe can easily dismount the trouble of pearl sequins.
Cleansing moderate strength Coup 2: Remove the lotion mascara
Thick brush layers of waterproof mascara to make people instant access to the charming electric eye, not easy makeup. However, when you kill remover will find mascara to become thick and hard, especially in cold weather, use makeup products is difficult to completely remove the hard dry mascara.
Lotion is rich in fat, can soften the horny die of old age, empathy can also soften hard, dry mascara, make eyelashes become more convenient unloading. As long as with a cotton swab dipped in a little lotion, lightly coated eyelashes, long eyelashes while restored to the soft state.
润唇膏能够卸妆 大家不知道的卸妆妙招
Lip balm can makeup remover we do not know the coup
Powerful Cleansing mild coup 3: Alcoholic Cotton removable false eyelashes
Removable false eyelashes when neither how to pull hard, they can easily get it down? Covered with a small piece of cotton alcohol can help you. First with the alcohol swab to gently wipe off the false eyelash glue, then press and hold the outer corner of the finger skin, gently peeled off from the inside out, you can easily removable false eyelashes.
Powerful Cleansing mild coup 4: Remove the body of baby oil painting
Whether in the body or in the face of a small painting are young people to express themselves personality signs, but behind the scenery, but also to let the special paint remover products unloading difficult to clean, if repeated friction will hurt the skin skin, skin becomes rough.
Baby oil with a moist skin oily dirt dissolving properties and its low performance mild irritation can easily dissolve the paint pigments. You can use wipes to wipe the stained area, struck most of the colors, then use a cotton swab moistened with baby oil and gently wipe the dissolved oil.
Powerful Cleansing mild coup 5: Remove the towel baby soothing pale makeup
If you go out of the habit of makeup mm, I do not spend a lot of money with a variety of professional makeup products makeup work can be completed. Just use moisturizing baby towel, it is not only the nature of peace, and not irritating to the skin, but also to a set dissolved wipe you shed light makeup. Not only the effect is obvious, easy to carry and use, but also feel exhausted after the skin moist.

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