Lash out enough to teach you how to draw eyeliner

The trend may change over time, but such exaggerated eyeliner such stylized fashion, beauty has become a classic. Fortunately, you want to draw a fine eye liner easier than imagined, the practice can create perfect. The basic principle is not to draw excessive thread from start smoothly portrayed. Start too it will be very easy to screw up. So, hold your hand, use a clean brushes – draw eyeliner, you only need these!
Lay the muscle at the end
Videos good first step is to lay the bottom makeup, eye shadow painted no exception. It marked the foundation for the eyelids, so as not to let the oil eyeliner color and contour paste out. Before the lash line, the first layer of relatively mild, special eye concealer or makeup before the end of ornaments in the eyes, look in the mirror at the end of the ornaments on the head back slightly, near the roots of the lashes will adorn Primer on location . Wait a few seconds after the end of decorative dried, and then on a subsequent makeup, eye makeup prolong freshness.
Eye shadow
出门画眼线就够了 教你眼线怎么画
Recommends that beginners can start with eye shadow starting option is the most error-prone. With a brush dipped in water, and then picks up eye shadow powder (you can control the amount of powder can also reduce powder out around the eyes show the dirt).
Lash out enough to teach you how to draw eyeliner
The eye shadow powder with a pressing way the roots of eyelashes, do not brush, first sketched out his eyes upward angle, and then repeat the previous two colors will fill up.
When the bristles relatively dry, used a small amount of eye shadow eyeliner pastels and down, so that the color would not be too heavy or looks dirty.
A stiff brush with a good helper
Shorthair, bristle brushes are the best to use, and most close to the roots of the lashes (shown success liner elements) tool. Straight or angled brush can be, but it is best to pick specialized eyeliner or eyebrows.
Shine “gold” Code
The reason why the classic black eyeliner, because it applies to everyone. But there are also other colors of a classic one in a million. Golden make makeup color seem warm, but also make gorgeous makeup upgrade. Gold eye shadow primer, with a detailed outline of the liner, can exhibit beautiful cat eye makeup.
Warm metal color not only bright, but also very suitable for any person’s face. If an error occurs during the make-up, gold can easily be erased, just dip a clean brushes on a little water, gently wipe, do not leave any traces.

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