How to draw a good lips

Step1: lips with foundation or concealer to cover off the original lip color, then take a lip liner to outline the lips, specific to arc upward slightly to add some lines on the original mouth of the arc.
 get Cheong-Leen with paragraph lips makeup domineering deal is off
Step2: After complete outline lip, was taken a positive red lipstick to fill part of the inner lip, and if you outline the lip liner lip color lighter, lipstick recommended coverage. (After all, it is not a thing of makeup Yaochun)
Step3: To make lips fuller, be sure to use a lip brush dipped lipstick padded along the lip. Let lip curvature more mellow.
Step4: one-half if you want to pursue at the same charm as unassailable lip color, red sauce generation can be increased in the peripheral lip of the heart, so that there is a flirtatious lip over, first with a lip liner lip from the heart out were outlined, and then use a lip brush were blooming.
Step5: The East is Red lips with a final paragraph to complete it, if go out daily, Videos to third on OK.
Do not think Lips mastered skills, you can swagger out of the X installed, no cattle X lipstick, you can draw? You can draw? painting?
Jing pure velvet Lancome lipstick 195 color ($60 / 3.6g)
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Yves Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick, truly elegant and beautiful Haute lipstick! Integration of pure color, bright luster and texture in a moist, delicate and silky gives lips rich color and texture. Golden square tube high set design, such as jewelry like pure elegance. Whether it is dressed in elegant evening dress or casual fashion, Yves Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick can match different image and become hidden in the handbag of a beauty magic.
Estee Lauder lip gloss 15 color Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros admiration ($60RMB / 5.8g)
Plastic, solid, assertive, bold release charm. Estee Lauder launched a new admiration for lip gloss and lip glaze, a full range of pure colors Zhen, create the perfect lips. Bringing a new Zhuo formula silky touch, lasting moisture, texture glaze highlights the abundance lips curve. Long-lasting effects, away from the sticky problems.

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