Five liquid foundation cushion recommended for summer

Soon to enter bask in the sun in the summer, our make-up makeup base should be updated according to the season, summer, what good liquid foundation? What Makeup for summer? Make-up man we recommend five makeup products, whether air or liquid foundation, I believe that you are able to meet!
What good summer with liquid foundation: liquid foundation class
YSL Long feather silk Oil perfect liquid foundation
SPF: SPF18PA +++
Suitable for skin: dry skin, oil skin, contaminated.
Makeup: matte slightly glossy
Texture is very light, so it is called feather liquid foundation is wrong, this liquid foundation liquidity is very good, very good makeup, not card powder, but also their family summer preferred liquid foundation. On the face matte and shiny, not matte complete, oil control effect is good. Although this is the official main push its durability and oil control effect, but in summer it is the durability is not the best state.
Estee Lauder lasting perfect liquid foundation
Suitable for: large oil skin and facial blemishes more
Famous liquid foundation, it is also the home of ace-looking finish. Oil skin on the face and the need to cover blemishes sister should staff a bar. Durability is very good, even if you are the lunar surface Nengzhe also very clean. But just on the face when the relatively heavy makeup, concealer relatively high and pseudo-makeup can not have both, very durable, very little makeup. Bad skin condition is recommended when using it, but the way it must be rubbed quickly fast, so makeup is not so heavy.
Five liquid foundation cushion recommended for summer
Armani liquid foundation dropper
Suitable for skin: oily skin
Makeup: light
Armani dropper liquid foundation in fact can be used all year round, texture, fresh and not greasy good push and hold makeup quite a long time, basically most of the day without makeup, the amount of a province, a few drops of liquid foundation can even out skin tone. Makeup is very thin, summer does not want to be the foundation thick paste face can choose this, but this concealer is not high, after all, are slim degree and Concealer can not have both.
Sakura Edition Hera cushion BB
SPF: SPF50PA +++
Suitable for skin: dry skin and neutral skin sister use
Makeup: more luster
This will ultimately control the appearance of the box very young girls, said the official website of limited edition summer version, and in fact, the classic version is still a little different. Observing the limited edition combines the functions of the foundation Sunscreen spray cooling, etc., plus a cooling component, and concealer moisturizing effect is much better. SPF is also high on the face of good gloss, but in the afternoon need makeup.
CLIO Ke Laiou magic Concealer Foundation cushion
SPF: SPF50PA +++
Suitable for skin: oil skin, neutral skin contaminated and sister use
Makeup: matt with a little gloss
This compared to other BB cushion is cushion for more foundation, durability, Concealer much better than other brands of air cushion BB, with a little bit of gloss, the pores can to be blocked. But the drawback is too white color number on the face mask is easy, is not suitable for the skin side black girls.

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