CPB Which is better foundation liquid foundation three classic Creme evaluation

Japanese lady brand CPB family foundation well? CPB Foundation Which handy? Want to know the foundation of a really easy to use, can use the following CPB Creme Makeup evaluation to find out!
CPB Foundation Which is better
CPB smooth Creme
Price: $120 + / 25g
For skin: oily skin
This Creme is ideal for summer use, good oil control ability, basically showing matte texture on the face after, the amount is very provincial, ductility in general, but also considered a good push, hand-painted or damp makeup sponge point pressed very good. Concealer is good, this Creme after the start of the skin oil, grease and Creme full integration will be very natural looking results.
CPB Brightening Creme
Price: $120 + / 25g
For skin: dry skin, mixed skin
Creme can be nourishing, dry skin, mixed skin can be very good control, relatively smooth matte texture, bright makeup with lip gloss is, the face on the touch even after moist than the glowing, easier to open. On Concealer middle, after the oil the skin becomes more delicate and shiny, like a good natural skin.
CPB Which is better foundation liquid foundation three classic Creme evaluation
CPB light liquid foundation drilling
Price: $120 + / 30ml
For skin: neutral, dry, mixed skin
Moist and light texture without the burden of a good push on the rear face. Medium Concealer, more suitable for small defects like bare transparent makeup sister, you can create a natural beautiful skin transparent gloss, oil control, but in general, not as good as eating makeup effects Creme, about three hours needed to make up the makeup.
CPB Creme Makeup Comparison
Brightening Creme smooth and less capacity, drilling light liquid foundation SPF value is high, the prices are similar. Use feeling is concerned, the advantage is that the Creme Concealer is good, more suitable for the needs concealer sister. Oil can choose oil skin super smooth, but also to prevent the makeup. So they each have their own advantages, according to their skin needs and prefer to.
Moisture: light diamond> Brightening> smooth
Concealer: smooth> Brightening> Light diamond
Luster: light damond> Brightening> smooth
Oil lasting: smooth> Brightening> Light diamond

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