Cleansing wipes really easy to use it?

Convenient remover wipes to use, gently touch it away daytime makeup and dirt, eliminating many steps and time. However, it is really nothing but harm it? Please listen to the dermatologist’s recommendations.
1, when you use makeup remover wipes, there will still be residual dirt left on the skin
Cleansing wipes clean the active ingredient with the same general cleanser, they depend on surfactants and emulsifiers dissolve skin oils and dead skin. So what difference essentially they are? Answer: Cleansing wipes rinse step is omitted, it will still leave a little dirt on the skin.
2, a lot of make-up remover wipes irritate the skin
Cleansing wipes fast and convenient, but it is not the best choice for daily skin care. If not completely wash Cleansing wipes clean active ingredient, a high concentration of dissolved agents, surfactants and emulsifying residue, there may be skin irritation. These ingredients, especially for dry and sensitive skin to stimulate people. Some make-up remover wipes containing alcohol may also cause irritation.
Cleansing wipes, special packing needs to add preservatives to extend shelf life, so the skin may also be attacked by formaldehyde and other chemicals. In addition, we use makeup remover wipes wiping action relative wash with water, and face greater friction surfaces, are more likely to irritate the skin.
Cleansing wipes really easy to use it?
3, can be used as make-up remover wipes emergency use
In the limited time constraints or conditions of the occasion, such as traveling, camping, going to the gym and other places can not be guaranteed cleanser and wash with water, then remover wipes are a good substitute. For oily skin or acne skin for people who do not have water in the case, it is a necessity.
Of course, eczema and rosacea people best avoided remover wipes, because the skin irritation can aggravate symptoms.
Use makeup remover wipes must follow these five simple rules:
1, with makeup remover wipes, the face immediately rinse with water, completely removing any residue can irritate the skin.
2, do not use makeup remover wipes around the eyes and lips, because it is sensitive to these two places
3, if you have dry skin, or mixed, used wipes to immediately apply moisturizer.
4, view the product ingredients, be careful formaldehyde as a preservative chemicals. Those wipes containing phenoxyethanol is safe to use.
5, avoid wipes containing perfume and flavor, lest cause additional irritation.

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