Cleansing Oil massage for too long can cause redness

Cleansing Oil as a single product excellent cleaning power has become vital skin cleaning supplies, in a short time it can help dissolve the heavy makeup and strong adhesion of cosmetics, but for cleansing oil, someone understanding there are errors.
Myth # 1:
Cleansing Oil Can Oil
Many people think that cleansing oil can be very thorough and in-depth help deep clean the skin pores, so cleansing oil can certainly help oil control oily skin. In fact, Cleansing Oil was able to deep clean the skin is the use of cleansing oil and sebum affinity characteristics, and skin or dry or oil is often determined by the sebaceous gland function, a bottle of cleansing oil does not fundamentally change the fundamental level of sebum, so Cleansing oil is not oil products.
Myth # 2:
Cleansing Oil can eliminate clogged pores
Clogging pores in the angle plug is the result of excess sebum secretion after oxidized by air, and in the use of cleansing oil, floating particles sometimes feel, in fact, this is the result of angle plug is loose after discharge grease lubricated, even without makeup oil, some oil-like texture of the skin care products in the course of a long massage can also occur if the same phenomenon, so I want to clear blocked pores and not rely solely on cleansing oil, but the use of some of the water contained in the subsequent maintenance of the process salicylic acid products that help dissolve sebum and aging skin cells.
Myth # 3:
Cleansing Oil can do massage oil
Cleansing oil as a cleaning product can play a role thoroughly clean the skin, even if good ductility cleansing oil, massage the skin feel very comfortable when makeup, definitely not be able to use cleansing oil massage oil. Cleansing oil facial massage at the residence time is generally not recommended for more than half a minute, if the means of cleansing oil massage the skin for a long time will be a substantial dissolution of the skin surface sebum necessary and healthy scratch cuticle, causing sensitive skin redness or inflammation.
Cleansing Oil massage for too long can cause redness
Myth # 4:
Dry skin can be used instead of cleansing oil cleanser
It will stay moist to the touch surface of the skin after using makeup remover, so a lot of people, especially dry skin nourishing the illusion that people in order to choose direct follow-up care. In fact, after the cleansing oil to wash away the skin feeling moist because the residue is not completely emulsified oil, these oils mixed with emulsifiers remaining on the surface of the skin can irritate the skin, so after using makeup remover removing makeup or sunscreen must use secondary cleanser thoroughly cleaned.
Myth # 5:
Pure vegetable oil recipe best
In product formulations, the gap Cleansing Oil products are usually reflected in the oil used, generally speaking, there will be cleansing oil products, mineral oil, vegetable oil or grease these types of complex formula. The quality of cleansing oil can not be used from a single lipid to determine what, in fact, have advantages and disadvantages. Mineral oil poor permeability, closed strong, so you will not penetrate the skin and pores; and vegetable oils made from natural materials, but easily oxidized, and skin-friendly good, so cause acne risk index is not low. Therefore, in the purchase of cleansing oil, should not blind pursuit of a recipe or texture.

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