A lipstick can be used from head to toe

Beauty as a control, so there is always some small habit, for example: collect all kinds of lipstick ah! Obviously the dressing table already piled high, but still see a new lipstick on the walk way, I agree please raise your hands! (Shy face) In fact, one can not just lip balm, as well as other magical Well, after this one, Ma Ma said you never Prodigal it!
一支唇膏从头到脚都能用 快给我来一打!
Feng eyelashes NO.1
I heard say breast abundance apple muscle, you heard Feng eyelashes it? There are now a variety of means, even grafted eyelashes, and edit or respected natural abundance eyelashes way to know that sooner or later the debt owed to the eyelashes are to repay, out of a few eyelashes have nothing, not long eyelashes do “surgery” but will result in itself is damaged lashes from the root, come too late to remedy it myself. Lipstick is an abundance of natural eyelash product that it contains oily can promote the growth of eyelashes, and therefore also the protective effect of the eyelashes. Before applying lipstick eyelashes can also be used instead of cream base, a protective layer is further formed on the lashes, mascara painted, not to hurt the eyelashes also easy stereotypes.
NO.2 do eyebrow gel
In order to achieve the most eyebrows docile state, we would usually painted before thrush eyebrow gel, and if there is no master volume, the effect is very cool sour. Our daily use lipstick can replace eyebrow gel to fix the eyebrow, with a finger dipped a small amount of lipstick smear along the direction of the growth of the eyebrows, with viscous lipstick make eyebrows become neat, at a time on the makeup eyebrows will be very docile, and more natural.
No.3 unloading eye makeup
For girls, the eye makeup is the most difficult to unload and clean with a cotton pad dampened Makeup Remover sometimes accidentally into the eyes, if it is very easy to damage the strong eye skin, but still did not remove eye makeup very clean. This time is a good helper lipstick, eye makeup before unloading lipstick applied with a finger dipped in the eye with your fingers gently smudged, then use cotton dipped in makeup remover products will be very easy to clean.
NO.4 unloading Lips
Lip balm not only be used to protect, but also as a tool to clean lips. Before unloading Lips, first with a finger dipped layer of lipstick painted lips, and then with a cotton swab dampened with remover liquid to clean up the remnants of makeup, so makeup, you can not afford to protect the lip skin wrinkles.
A lipstick can be used from head to toe to give me a fight!
NO.5 Highlight
When on the go need makeup lipstick can be used instead of high-gloss, more convenient and more natural luster. Asians will face relatively flat, there is no three-dimensional, then you need to use a high light to highlight features, bag for a lipstick can be a big help in the cheekbones, nose, below the brow, chin Tu lipstick, even with your fingers to play, you can highlight the entire contours of the face and glossy full.
NO.6 face skin protection
Girls always love to find time to toss their hair, and in the face smear syrup is easy to hurt the week as well as the skin of the ear, this time can be applied before the lipstick hairline and ears, to avoid contaminating the medicine hurt the skin, If heating is required, but also play a role in the isolation of the heating plate to avoid skin redness swelling sense.
NO.7 invisible foot care
After not a single successful woman there is no heel injury, we usually choose to stick bandage approach, and some shoes are not really suitable for tape bandage concave shape, this time can be cast in lipstick heel, both to protect the foot skin, and can also be invisible wounds.

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